Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dromedary V. Pachyderm

Apparently, Petey wears flip flops. this is the only explanation I can come up with for the mysterious disappearance of one of my flip flops. the other he has dragged under the crib where I cannot possibly reach it. He truly enjoys sharpening his little claws on the soft, oh so comfy, and totally non-enviro-friendly, foam rubber that constitutes my most favorite and coveted reef flippys that jen the riddler and I bought in our carefree days when we could just up and fly to Miami for a long weekend, because, what the hell, we had extra vacation time... Aaaah the good ol' days...

Sunday we had a lovely baby shower. here's a shot of me (and twins) with their gifts. They had a rockin' good time and ate three pieces of icecream cake.

Photo of icecream cake not included as I ate it all

we had a doctor's appt yesterday where I pleaded again for mercy for my poor swollen self. Apparently the swelling is now made it's way from my piggy toes to my hands. I wake up in the morning and cannot even make a fist with which to punch H for doing this to me in the first place. So unfair!

The doc told me to suck it up. well, she was kinder than that, but it was the gist. I also asked her (Ed. note: Reader discretion advised. you are about to find out way more than you ever wanted to know about my nether parts. Or maybe you did want to know. According to tuckiliscious there's an internet market for everything) what's the deal with the itching. I am itching. all night long. and we aren't talking belly scratching here people (although that itches too). Apparently I'm retaining water there too which is causing some very delicate skin to stretch. Great. Any day now my transformation to the elephant woman will be complete.

Now, I did not just post that to gross you out. (That was the purpose of the butt cyst post... i'm working on pics for you kathryn, but do you have any idea how hard it is to photograph your own ass?) I'm actually curious to see if anyone has either had this problem or heard an urban legend about the woman who had to move to the sewers for the remainder of her pregnancy, lest her husband kill her for keeping him up all night with the scratching and swearing.

anyone? anyone? bueller?

right, so I'm also taking commentary on cloth diapers. I got my order from the diaper service and now I am just waiting for the twinlets to arrive and start pooping in them. I ordered premie sized from the service, but they said I can call and switch them out for newborn size should the little monsters decide to hang out until they weigh more than 6lbs a piece. Any advice on cloth diapering twinfants?

oh, and if anyone feels the need to comment on my long run on sentences, I say, Fie! to you. You try lugging around two bowling ball sized babies and not sleeping while a cat plays hide the twistie tie in the blankets and see how fan-fucking-tastic your grammar is.


Eva said...

glad you're feeling so great.

Okay, just teasing. You probably won't be comfortable again until after the kids are born. The good news is, recovery might not seem all that bad after how crappy you felt pregnant (that was generally the case for me). The freak you out even more news is, in the first couple of days after giving birth, your feet may get bigger before they get smaller.

I believe that Stacie at Twinkies and Jenn at Jenn's journal both do, or have, used cloth diapers. Can't help you there.

Be well.

Lacey said...

Oh my dear....everything on me itched my last month of pregnancy....and then how odd even more in the nether region once my little man was born...but that could have been do to the fact that i had stiches down there...big i can say is it goes away after the little one is born....but then my hair started to fall out...just something for you to look foward ya hun..L

Stacie said...

You look fabulous. I am sure you feel miserable, but you look great. It will take a little while after you give birth for all the swelling to go away (I think at 2 weeks out my feet were finally my own again.)

And Eva is right -- you may get a little bigger before you get smaller, especially if you need an IV.

We used a service for the first 6 months. Newborns poop A LOT. All the time. However, if you breastfeed you can just dump the dirty diapers right in the wash without needing to rinse them first. Now I am using Kissaluvs and rice paper liners. Soldi food poop is much less pleasant than newborn poop. I miss those days of poop that was kind of like an expensive French mustard. Or maybe a curried yogurt. Either way, it was inoffensive.

Do you have any specific cloth diaper questions? Twins use more, but other than that...

Anonymous said...

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