Monday, December 29, 2008

Yuletide Yakking

I think everyone is just about done with the Christmas Puke-a-thon. It began early Friday morning (the 19th for those of you playing the home edition) with C destroying her crib and friends and ended (we think) Friday evening (the 26th) with Z tossing her cookies into Grandma's overnight bag. Why did G-ma have an overnight bag? It seems no one was spared the virus, including poor uncle Fi. My mother had to come over and help us as H and I could barely stand up.

Yes, she who never throws up, not from pregnancy, sea-sickness, vomit inducing roller coasters, or 5 or so too many gin cocktails, yes, even I joined in the merriment.

I did so many loads of laundry and changed so many babies, it's a blur. Christmas day I slept on my mother's sofa. then Z barfed on the area rug. not on the hardwood floor, but on the 6x8 area rug. and into the coffee table drawers. She's good like that. Impeccable aim.

What about Sammy? Don't worry, he only has worms.

Please dear baby jesus, please let 2009 start off better than 2008 ended. We are running low on pepto and laundry soap.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Claus is Coming...

... to your living room to scare the bejesus out of your children:

What? Santa doesn't ride around on a fire truck traumatizing children with goodies in your town?

And if Santa on a fire truck doesn't traumatize you, then maybe the same event last year will:

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

Or should I say kitten tree? Sam has decided that the tree is his domain:

Needless to say there are no ornaments on it. and he has eaten a fair amount of garland. and fake tree needles. Don't lecture me about kitten digestive systems, I'm sure I'll get it from the vet when I take his poop sample in all sparkly next week.

C&Z adore the tree. The say hello to it every morning and then promptly look for "nammy" hiding in the branches. Lately they are into "huggies" for poor Sam. He likes this as much as he enjoys the hair dryer after a bath.

Ever blowdried a soggy kitten. massive good time. you should try it.

We also took the girls to get their pictures taken. More of a fiasco than last year, although, Z didn't barf on her own shirt this time. She did, however, try to escape our photo shoot and jump into other peoples. She was not very popular with the adults, but the other kids thought it was pretty funny. Then they realized there were two of them. C found the whole experience comical. The only time Z smiled was while she was chewing on an ornament. so sanitary.

So if I don't get a chance to post again, have a merry merry and happy happy whatever you celebrate. we celebrate everything.

And don't let your cat eat the tree. or the lights. or leaves he found on the floor. or old cheerios. or the candles in your christmas tree menorah. what? you don't have one of these?