Friday, January 30, 2009

Lots o' Learning

Z&C are big time into numbers and letters. I would take credit for this, but they seem to say most of them in a suspicious Cookie Monster-like voice....

They are both able to point out M, G, T, P, O, A, S and D. Number wise they can spot 1 and 2 reliably, but call out other numbers while we count.

Wednesday night, H asked them how many cookies they wanted after dinner. C said "two" as this is the only number she really knows (2 babies, 2 cookies, 2 cups.... gee I wonder why that is?) Z looked at him very seriously and said "ten". Then she cracked up laughing.

C says "Doe Doe Funny" at least 30 times a day

My mother bought them a nursery rhyme book with pictures over some of the words. C is OBSESSED with Humpty Dumpty. We read it 45 times in a row last night and again this morning. It goes something like this:

J: Humpty... (pointing to picture of egg wearing pants)
C&Z: DUMPY!!!!
J: Sat on a wall (pointing to picture of wall)
C&Z: suck thumbs furiously
J: Humpty... (pointing to picture of stupid egg wearing pants)
C&Z: DUMPY!!!!
J: Had a great fall
C&Z: giggle maniacally
J: All the Kings... (points to picture of disembodied horse heads)
J: And all the Kings... (points to picture of tiny tin soldiers)
J: Couldn't put...(pointing to picture of damn egg wearing pants)
C&Z: DUMPY!!!!
J: back together again!
C: Dumpy funny mommy. Again. Pease. Again.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Funny things

C now says "Okay Okay OKAY" when she is aggravated about something.

Z is obsessed with all things muppet. when she gets up in the morning, she runs to the box of little people to rescue kermit and piggy/beaker/animal. Always kermit, but his buddy for the day is flexible.

according to C, everyone is funny. but not mommy.

Z is no longer "baby". now she is "Doe-doe"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Last night I had a dream that involved Kermit the Frog, an incredibly stodgy vampire who wore a lot of cologne and an disney-esque amusement park. I think I need to get out more.

Also, could someone please come to my house and explain to my children that they are, in fact, two distinct people and therefore cannot continue to be a vegetarian and a carnivore. Vitamins and protein will not miraculously flow through osmosis when you slap your sister or fall off the couch on top of her.

and finally, I had the distinct pleasure of taking in a poop sample to the vet for Sam the Man. I believe he may be knitting a sweater with his butt. I have a few guesses as to where he may have ingested bright orange yarn... the only question is was he in the crib at the time or was he being fed blankie from one of the inmates?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Terrible One-and-a-halfs?

Is it possible that my precocious little angels have decided to up the ante and enter the "terrible twos" a few months early? This morning as I was trying to leave for work, Z decided that she should wear the string of beads I had on. Woe to you who says NO to Z. She basically yelled "BEADS" for the next 20 or so minutes. So much that C had to get into the act. She didn't even know what she was pissed off about, but it was getting Z attention, so why not.

This continued through the better part of the morning and only paused while Z stuffed eggs in her face and re-started with a vengeance when I dared not share my cereal with her. Never mind that she had already eaten the following:

1 egg w/ spinach
~20 grapes
1/2 banana
1/2 slice of toast w/ cream cheese

Clearly she was starving and needed to eat Kashi G0Lean. For her diet.

And speaking of diets, mine is going crap-tacular. I need to care more about the size of my ass. The other night I was fishing under the radiator for a missing trove of little people when my butt set off the little people farm. More specifically the pig pen. So that it appeared I was oinking. I thought mom and H would fall off the couch laughing.

Send pie. dietetic pie.