Friday, December 14, 2007

Work Stinks!

I'm at work today. And I'm offsite from where I normally work, so I don't know what the hell I'm doing. I finally managed to access my outlook remotely here and realized that my next patient isn't scheduled until 3pm. Ouch. Which means I won't leave here until 4 or so. Which also means my mom will be stuck with twinsanity until close to 6. This will not make her happy. I think I won't tell her. :)

The working thing is ok, if not a little trying. I think I used to care more about how I managed my professional life. Perhaps that's because I didn't have much else going on in my personal life. I mean, I had my friends and family and I had H, but I didn't have to take a break every 2-3 hours and hook myself up to felipe the breast pump. That may have something to do with my lack of focus.

Speaking of breast pumps (sure, why not, it's my blog I can speak of whatever I shall choose and today it's breast pumps) I'd like to personally congratulate any woman who works full time, or even part time for that matter, and manages to pump enough breast milk to feed her baby. I may be easier with only one baby, I wouldn't know, but I can tell you that pumping enough for two is a serious pain. There's so much stress to get enough out to feed them during their day at daycare. And I don't know how you would do this without an office. I'm neurotic enough that someone is going to walk in on me and Felipe in our tryst. I'm not even such a modest person, can you imagine if I cared if anyone saw my boobs?

As for the two of them, they are just little clams at daycare. Well, at least C is. This morning when I dropped them off, she started smiling as soon as we wheeled in the door (you know I need the stroller to get them from the car to the classroom. They are heavy in those things!). Z on the other hand, had a sour pus the whole ride in and wouldn't look at me when I was leaving. Could she possibly understand that I'm leaving? I find it hard to believe, but I guess they are almost 6 months now and it's possible...

Other milestones in babyland: sleeping through the night, or a close approximation thereof!

We've been doing our nightly bath-boob-bed routine for a few months now and in the last two weeks or so, both girls have been going to sleep as soon as we put them down (somewhere in the neighborhood of 8-9pm) and sleeping almost all the way through to 5 or 6am. This sounds really cool. In reality, it is less so, the reason being that C may wake up looking for her pacifier around 2:30am and go right back to sleep once you give it to her and Z may do the same around 4. However, this means that you, the adult with the height and mobility to get to the crib and find the errant nimmie, have been upright twice since going to bed. Now, H is on night patrol, but somehow, now that he doesn't have to give them bottles, he has gone completely deaf. Completely! Which means I wake up and punch him until he gets up, out of bed, walks around hte bed, finds the crib (cause it's small and we have such a huge bedroom... HA!), locates the crying baby and shoves the right pacifier in her mouth, I might as well get up and do it myself.

But it's the principle really, so I usually just shove him repeatedly. Plus, when the babies cry, Petey runs in the room and jumps on me so I can't get up. I'd like to say I'm making that up as an excuse, but, he's a wierdo, and it's true.

Oh, and one more baby update. They are seriously into bananas. Not ones that I've smashed up, but the organic ones that gerber puts in those nice plastic, non-recyclable containers. sheesh. Apparently whatever gerber does to make them delish, it also makes babies poop. all. the. time. I changed three rounds of poopy diapers. in a row. yesterday. ugh. this from babies who previously pooped once a week. so much poop. in technicolor. ugh times two.

that's what I should re-name my blog. ugh! times two...


Kerry Lynn said...

Hey, good to hear from you.

You are a super hero working and pumping. I seriously bow down to you. I couldn't even do it being home all day.

Congratulations on the night sleeping! At least it's just pacifier replacement rather than a full feeding. Good for you making H get up. I'm such a wuss and totally think it's easier for me to do things rather than nudge Chris to do them.

Oh the poop. M&J were the same...poop ever few days...not horribly smelly. Since food they literally both poop at least 5 times a day...and oh the smell!!!!

Keep your chin up working. You're doing a great job!!

Eva said...

So nice to get an update, even if it's about boobs and poop. I agree, I don't know how women work full time and do it... if our daycare wasn't on site, I couldn't have done it all those months. Good for you!

And great on the sleeping front! You are way ahead of where we were at that age.

And S., she cried for the first couple of weeks when we dropped them off at daycare, and she was about 6 months. They know the difference between mom and strangers then, and they are used to their routines.

Sounds like you are doing great though. It only gets more fun and exciting in the next 6 months.

Stacie said...

I don't know how working twin mothers do it. There would be no way I would have been able to manage breastfeeding if I had to pump all day long at an office. Go you.