Monday, February 11, 2008

Food Fights Revisted

So after much advice both here and from my twinny group, here's the gastronomic update:

Z ate both her breakfast and dinner today. For breakfast we had bananas and apples with a tiny bit of oatmeal mixed in to make it a little thicker. For dinner it was squash and avocado mixed with 1/4c of oatmeal made with formula, but it was pretty lumpy.

So perhaps it's just that she wanted something with a little bulk to it and I've been making everything super smooth.

Also, just in case you cared, they both had gigantic poops today. Poops that could have been made by a much larger child. I'm not sure where all the poop came from. I was a little scared.

I made a batch of bananas and carrots today to feed them for the next week or so. C loves the hand blender so I usually let her chill in the kitchen in a seat while I do it. She's a wierdo


Kerry Lynn said...

that's too funny, i zipped up some mixed veggies in the food processor today and Madison was grinning ang giggling.

how do you make bananas ahead of time without them turning brown??

The Anonymous Platypus said...

oh they turn a little brown, but i freeze them in ice cube trays and put the cubes in ziplocks in the freezer.