Monday, July 14, 2008

more drinking = more peeing

anyone using cloth diapers have a suggestion on how to deal with the great pee-scapades that are going on here?

Now that the girls are drinking milk at 8oz clips before naps and bed, we are soaking everything. At night I'm using a prefold and 2 doublers with Stacinator deluxe fleece covers and that seems to be holding back the tide. But this is waaaay too much for during the day.

Daytime we are in prefolds with bummis super whisper wrap covers. Is there something better I could use at naptime since this is when the great pee-a-thon seems to be happening?

I'm using a diaper service and I really don't want to get into the whole all-in-one, wash your own diapers deal. I have enough on my plate keeping people fed and relatively clean.

Any feedback is sorely appreciated.



Anonymous said...

interesting...I am having the similar issues myself....please let me know if you are able to resolve the problem....

signed pokanonymous

The Anonymous Platypus and sidekicks said...

I believe you could try using a doubled up bed sheet. This would be attractive in a "large baby" sort of way and may help you score with any ladies who might feel the tick tick tick of a biological clock while preparing them for your future twins.