Friday, July 06, 2007


we are all finally home. chloe joined us in our tiny house on wednesday just in time for fireworks, torrential rains, and seven thousand workmen installing siding and gutters.

We should be thankful to the NICU that these two sleep through anything.

now if i could just get some sleep...


Eva said...

Congrats on all being home. From what I remember, it is both wonderful, and rather overwhelming (no more 24 hour care from people who actually know what they are doing =)

We found when we first came home that the kiddos got fussy if it was too quiet, because it was always so loud in the NICU. They liked a lot of ambient noise. We now play various CD's and things after bedtime, and our current favorite is the sound of the ocean.

Hope you are all doing great.

Sister of the Shiny Ass said...

Congrats on the arrival of your beautiful babes! I've been reading the blog for a while and felt now was a good time to post. Please send my wishes to H as well. Enjoy all that is ahead.

Stacie said...

Yay Yay yay!