Monday, July 02, 2007

Unbelieveable Cuteness

I promise to write up all the gory details of how Chloe and Zoe made their arrival about 3 weeks ahead of time, but I just haven't processed it all yet.

Both girls are doing really well. They are still up at the hospital hanging out in the NICU gaining some weight and charming the nurses. Hopefully they will come home this week!
In unrelated news, here's what H and I accomplished last week in between schlepping tothe NICU at all hours:
  • new car
  • new windows in the house
  • new siding on the house (happening today)
  • 1 million more loads of baby clothes in premie sizes
  • 2 million pictures of the two cutest babies on planet earth

I made H go to work today since the girls have top quality baby sitters for the next few days and I can finally go to the bathroom on my own (I told you it was a gruesome delivery). He already used a week of leave watching me pee and driving me to the NICU at midnight because I can't sleep if I don't tuck them in. Oh, and the crying. sometimes rational, sometimes not. can't tell the difference.

But, like I said, it was worth it. I still can't believe they are mine.


Eva said...

They really are so cute. I hope you are recovering okay. Recovering from twin pregnancy/childbirth is tough in the best of circumstances. I'm glad the NICU is close enough to home that you can go and come (we had to stay at a hotel once I was discharged because it was 80 miles away). They look really great. We almost never got to hold our babies together (once actually) the whole time in the NICU and they always had so many wires so I'm glad your girls are looking so healthy and un-attached.

Looking forward to reading the story when you have time to write it all.

I found good preemie clothes on ebay. They grow out of them so fast!

Stacie said...

They look fantastic. The cuteness hurts. Hurts, I tell you. The only cure will be when you post more of those 6 million pictures.