Monday, August 06, 2007


anyone have any bright ideas on how to deal with two babies who don't like to nap? I don't know where they get this from, I personally love to nap. I'll do it anywhere. not these two. Right now I have two seconds while C sleeps in the sling and Z makes eeking noises in the crib. I just stuffed 1/4 of a bbq chicken into my face, cold, using my hands as it's 4pm and all I've eaten today is a bowl of cereal.


oh and if you really want a fun story, ask susan about tailgaiting at the police concert last night with me and felipe the breast pump. Nothing says "good times" like a woman pumping breast milk in a parking lot, except for maybe a woman pumping breast milk riding down the palisades parkway at 70 mph. Hot stuff I'm telling you.


Eva said...

Okay, but you made it out of the house with your breast pump, and that's something!

I don't know if you want sleeping advice from me because my babes suck at sleeping. So for what it's worth...

When they were really little S&J always slept, day and night, swaddled. Have you tried swaddling?

Once we were past swaddling, they would never nap in their cribs.
But, Sarah slept well once we let her nap in the swing. And both of them used to nap (and truthfully, sometimes spend the whole night), in bouncy seats. I don't know what it was about it -- having their heads higher than their butts, or feeling more nestled, or the rocking of the swing.

Oh, and stroller. They would always nap in their stroller. and the car seats.

So basically, for a while, no one ever napped in the crib. But we did what we could to get them to sleep!

Stacie said...

Whatever works, do it. Swing? Car seats? Of course, I am the wrong person to ask since, as far as I can tell, my kid hate sleep. This is so cruel since I love sleep. I apparently slept through the night at 7 weeks. I've just always loved sleep. Now, if only my own kids loved sleep.

We didn't get decent nappage until maybe 9 months. (and now that I've told you that I'll run and hide...)