Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloweenie!!!

C as Thing 1 and Z as Thing 2.

We are enjoying our vacation to virginia beach. It's a little cold, but we took walk on the beach today with the babies in carriers. They seemed to enjoy themselves, well, C slept in the sling, but Z took in the waves and sand and then fell asleep.

They are up to almost 7 oz on their middle of the night bottle. and today while we were out to lunch, C was watching me eat hushpuppies and licking her lips... could they be ready to start rice cereal?

If anyone has advise or suggested reading materials to start the twins on food or if it seems waaay too early for food.... i'm all ears


Eva said...

Adorable! We just received those as a gift, though ours were 2T so we have to wait to grow into them.

You know I never turn down a request for advice!

We waited until past 6 months to start any solids. S&J did seem interested before then, but they didn't really seem to be rid of the tongue thrust reflex, plus, they were late sitters. Our LC told us that with preemies, you should go by gestational age, not chronological age, so we did that somewhat.

We did start with rice cereal, but J turned out to be hugely allergic. In retrospect, I would have probably just started with something like squash or sweet potato. Or banana.

Lots of different perspectives. I read in our breastfeeding book, and in Sears, and in one of the AAP books we have. has some basic information. If you want to make your own food, this is a great site:

There isn't one right way to do it, it just depends on the 3 of you. But I wouldn't rush into it, in the beginning it's time consuming and messy and if you start before they're ready, they may have tummy trouble or just reject it a lot.

That's my 2 cents!

Kerry Lynn said...

I remmeber reading this post and wanted to respond but obviously I forgot!

Per Eva's advice, we started at 6 months even though EVERYONE was hounding me to feed them sooner. They didn't get the hang of it until about a week before 8 months. Now we have three separate meals a day and they love it.

I tried to make my own avocado, papaya and some other stuff but they prefer the jar :-(

I also found whole grain oatmeal cereal to give them in order to avoid the whole processed flour issue. It's Earth's Best brand and I got it at BRU.