Tuesday, April 01, 2008

sleep chronicles part 1

they refused to go to bed last night until H came home. at 8:30. I gave them a bath at around 7, put them in their pjs, nursed them both. They weren't the slightest bit tired. so we read some books on the bed and sang some songs. still not a yawn. I put them in the crib. Petey left the room as his ears are more sensitive than mine. I gave in and took them to the living room. I put them onthe floor and put all the toys away. Then I sat on the couch and read a magazine, ignoring them. they rolled around and sucked their thumbs. When H finally got home, they cracked up laughing and he put them to bed one at a time, with nary a complaint.

Chloe got up at 12:30 for a quick snack and a cuddle and then there was not a peep until 6am. At 6 they both nursed and got clean diapers. No one would go back in the crib. I made a baby sandwich and we all fell back asleep until 8:45.

So needless to say there was no morning nap. by 12 there was freaking. crying and sobbing and eye rubbing and yet, hungry for lunch. I fed them yogurt through the blubbering.

Now they are napping. let's hope I get a good two hours out of this as it's likely to be the only nap they take today.

Do you think they really could be waiting for H to come home to go to bed? Or is there something fundamentally wrong with how I place them in the crib? Oy.

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Kerry Lynn said...

Yes, I'm sure you're putting them in the crib in a way that is not particularly correct.

I wouldn't think they are aware enough to wait for him to come home but I also could be wrong.

sleep issues are not easy. I think you just need to be persistent and consistent.