Saturday, September 27, 2008

life goes on

sorry for the lack of posting. but life. you know, it keeps going. there are diapers to change, food to throw on the floor, laundry to fold (or unfold)

we still miss petey, but the girls have mostly stopped looking for him. I however, can't do the dishes without seeing his sad little grave. so I bought a plant today to put out there. at least it's not so sad.

the other day a squirrel was literally dancing on him. I'm sure petey rolled over. at least once.

on the baby front, chloe now has 3 1/2 teeth and zoe has just one snaggle tooth. They are both being obsessed with Elmo right now. I couldn't listen to them begging anymore. I believe H is in there with them now, but he's most likley asleep.

Speaking of sleep, there was no afternoon nap today and now that I look at the time I should probably be making them some dinner as they are going to be tired early.

I'll try to post more regularly in the future. I know that you all need your nutty twin fix :)

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