Friday, September 05, 2008

Petey Parker Spider Cat

We all love Petey. And we will all miss Petey. He passed away yesterday and we buried him outside in the backyard, where he was always trying to get out to anyway.

He lived 31 twistie tie bopping, hair band stealing, broom chasing, toe pouncing, litter box destroying, basement exploring, eyebrow licking, baby guarding, tub drain drinking, best friend cuddling months. It wasn't enough time.

There will never be another kitten head like you, Petey Von Skippy Pants, the world's most helpful kitten. I miss you so much I think part of me died with you.

A Tribute to the Kittenest Cat:
Petey Catches A Mouse
Petey Sleeps with the Fishes
Petey Rules
Dangerous and Debonair
Blogging cat
Petey Fishes for Poop
Petey V. Body Pillow
At least he listens
Olympic Petey
Offer: One Spider Cat
Gourmet Kitten
Petey Sports a Mohawk
Toe Licking is Fun
What's Petey up to lately?

1 comment:

Kat, Bill and Jack said...

We are happy to have called Petey our friend. We miss him, but will always smile when we think of him and his crazy antics!