Thursday, March 05, 2009


Sesame street is a golden beacon of light. if there were no muppets, I would have jumped from a bridge long ago. Right now C&Z are catching up with murray and learning irish step dancing. I am sitting here trying to keep my face from falling off as it tries to explode from horrendous head cold. awesome.

I can only assume that this is also where Z learned to count to 11. Without prompting she has started counting things. After 11, however, things get dicey. usually it goes 18, 19, 13. Apparently 13 is the biggest number she knows. Which reminds me of sorority rush and the number 12.

ugh. have to blow my nose again. I forsee a lot of muppets today...


Goddess in Progress said...

Oh, how I love Sesame Street. Gives me just a little break each morning... totally worth it.

The Anonymous Platypus said...

no joke! although I am a bit concerned with the Elmo fascination. I am afraid I am raising two tiny stalkers ;)