Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday morning (in numbers)

loads of laundry washed dried and folded - 1
times zoe threw all the socks from said laundry on the floor - 3
wardrobe changes for zoe - 3
people who pooped on the bedroom carpet - 2
times chloe sat on the potty - 8
times chloe peed on the potty - 1
times chloe peed her through her tinkerbell underwear, pants and socks - 1
pairs of tinkerbell underpants left - 0
tantrums thrown by zoe re: lack of tinkerbell underpants - 2
episodes of curious george watched - 3
catboxes cleaned - 1
ungrateful cats - who knows, can't find him
donuts eaten - 1
locksmiths H will need if he comes home at 10pm again - at least 2


Sadia said...

Sounds like our house... including Tinkerbell pants. Sometimes Dora will suffice.

shannon said...

Made me think, "wow I remember that. It really sucked."
Now my twin boys are 11 and, trust me, it gets better.

Here's something to look forward to... When they get to do sleepovers, you get the house to yourself. They'll go together!