Friday, February 23, 2007

genetic nerdiness makes me tired

and psychotic. I am writing up chart notes from yesterday and while consulting my trusty age-related risk table, I remember that I am having twins.

Therefore, the overall risk that at least one of them has some hideous chromosomal anomaly at birth is roughly 1/234.

This disturbs me. I had a negative first trimester screen which gives me a 5% false negative, however, is that additive due to the fact that they are twins? Should I be demanding my amnio? Do i really want to have a needle shoved into my abdomen not once, but twice and possibly give birth to the next members of the Blue Man Group?

This is why you should be able to drink in pregnancy. or take a sedative. or possibly sleep for 5 straight hours without waking up to pee. if you need me, I'll be hiding under my desk. with a pregnancy wheel, my handy dandy risk table and my copy of Smith's checking out dysmorphology's finest specimens. What I won't have is a bottle of Jack Daniels or multiple pairs of shoes to sit on. Otherwise you could shake your head and say "been there, done that"

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stacymlevy said...

I can appreciate all of this, even the reference to your bygone Cornell days. All I can say is that this pregnancy is going to be a ton of fun for me b/c I'll get the Jeanne Devine prospective, like none other I have ever known. Keep it coming...