Monday, February 26, 2007

Too Many Boobies?

Is there such a thing? Actually, there may be. When you have to derail your Sunday afternoon plans to play legend of Zelda in search of a bra that doesn't make you cry (complete with magic flute... it was an interesting day), then, yes, you have boob issues.

(note: I warned you people this wasn't going to be pretty. and yes, I am compiling your most burning twin pregnancy questions into a post that Susan can use to quiz herself with, but these things take time)

Back to the task at hand: holding up the world's most enormous and currently useless anatomical structures.

We all know that I was never lacking in the booby department, but things have gotten out of hand. I mean, it's almost funny when the girl in the maternity store (maternity store ffs!) tells you that if you want a bigger size, you will have to order it online. I mean, it is funny. Until you get home and take a good look at the red raw half circles created by your underwire pushing on your belly and vice versa.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Seriously. Bueller?

crickets .

Yeah, that's what I thought.

On a less horrific note, it appears that the babies like H better than me. surprise surprise. But whenever he puts a hand on the belly they all jump around. for me, again with the crickets. sigh

as an almost post script, my esteemed colleague's suggestion for evil-bra-of-death-medieval-torture-device? Take it off. Commence laughing.

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Lacey said...

ok dear i like you have the large boobie problem...i found that sport bras were the key during circles from underwire....but yeah fun with the uniboob look....but who the hell cares by now