Saturday, April 14, 2007

Aaaah Saturday

There's something about Saturday. Even when you aren't going to work everyday, you wake up and know it's different. Even Petey sleeps in. I got up this morning around 8:45 since the babies decided it was time for their morning calisthenics. I even managed to get the coffee out of the freezer and into the machine before Petey came strolling in and jumped in front of the coffee pot (Obviously, he must be fed before anything else happens in the kitchen. This is a major tenet of the Cat-Human Peace and Friendship Treaty. What did you think happened to the Ancient Egyptians?)

Now I am sitting in my living room with a cup of coffee in my very lovely Sedona Coffee Pot cup with the newspaper and 45,000,000 coupons that my mother brought me yesterday. It's like nirvana.

However, I'm not sure my neighbors appreciated gigantic pregnant girl in her pj's weeding her front garden bed with the newspaper in her hand. I have a feeling I looked like one of those funny garden decor items that consist only of a woman's giant ass. Oh, well, too bad. I have 3 tulips with buds in the front and an easter lilly poking up. Maybe by June it'll be warm enough for my flowers to come in.

happy weekend!

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Rebecca said...

Here is what I am not entirely clear on. Why aren't you entertaining me with endless thoughts on baby names? You know, this is my greatest love and there's TWO to be named and I get NOTHING. We might have to come out there.