Monday, April 09, 2007

OFFER: one spider cat

oh, the Petey has been a very very bad boy today. Starting at 6:45 when H left, he hopped on my belly while I was laying in bed and began breathing in my face. i ignored him. so he jumped onto my dresser and started knocking things off of it. i ignored him. so he climbed on top of my jewelry box and bopped my rings around. i yelled at him and then attempted to go back to sleep. so he went into the bathroom, climbed into the bathtub and began yowling for the echo effect. I gave up and got up. I tried to eat breakfast, he tried to lick the cream cheese off my bagel. I put my dishes in the dishwasher, he climbed in the kitchen sink. I sat on the couch, he jumped on the kitchen island to harass the defenceless daffodil sitting there. I got up to yell at him, he jumped in my seat. I tried to read the paper, he sat on the paper. I turned on the TV, he jumped on top of the fish tank and attempted to open the lid. twice.

does anyone want a 14 month old 13 lb black and white male cat with no testicles and with a personality disorder?

on another note I had a lovely visit from f.fanny today. we had a very exciting outing of lunch and a grocery store run. We dished about all the gossip we've missed on each other's families and friends and then poor f.fanny made the mistake of picking up the "what to expect" book that lurks on my coffee table. She may never be the same. She kept turning pages and saying, "no! Do you have XYZ?!!" to which I would have to reply, "Yes, sometimes twice"

Of course, while she was here, Petey was a perfect gentleman.

Seriously, now he's back to taunting the fish and licking his own butt. also, there are cat hair rhinoceroses floating around my living room. I am assuming it's his winter coat coming off, but as he hates the kitty brush and will only run around the room, pausing periodically to bite it when it appears. I am helpless against the cat hair.

I promise there will be more belly photos soon. H must be around to take them and upload them and, well, he's working like, well, like I used to. He didn't leave until 7 tonight and likely won't be home much before 10. yick.


Amanda said...

Petey can come stay with my kitties...they can teach him how to tear huge cat-sized holes in the bottom of the couch and smush their bodies down flat in order to squeeze under there...then galavant in the couch all day underneath you while you are peacefully trying to watch TV. That would be a fun new trick for him to drive you crazy!

A.P. said...

oh yeah, thanks. that's just what he needs, new ideas. no thank you. :)

Flygal said...

Hey AP,

As an owner of a black and white kitty with no testicles and bipolar disorder, I can relate. I recommend that you send H to the local Petco for a "Laser Cat Toy." It's totally great for entertaining the cat without having to leave the comfort of your couch. I'm a big fan.

Also congrats on the twins, RS told be about your good news and directed me to your blog for hours of entertainment. When you're bored (like now for instance) go take a look at mine and see if you can guess which of RS's friends from grad school I am :)

That should keep you busy for oh, like 5 minutes!