Thursday, April 26, 2007

At least this time I didn't go before the Academic Integrity Board

Yes, another F on my permanent record. Goddamn! I can't even pass the freakin' sugar test! And much like Evil-ution, I will have to retake the test and it will be much more painful the second time around. However, I can be pretty sure that this time, I won't be forced to attend 8am lectures in Kennedy with the round headed freak sitting behind me and flicking things over my shoulder. Small victories here people, small victories.

Anyway, so I failed the initial glucose screen and my doctor asked me what I had eaten the day previous, just to get a typical day's menu:

2 bowls of cereal
fat free yogurt and banana
2 cups of decaf coffee
microwaved bean and cheese burrito (while I was deciding what to have for lunch)
can of black bean soup with sour cream
blue corn tortilla chips
mini dove chocolate egg
bowl of chili with more sour cream (I dropped the container at lunch time and it cracked, I therefore have to eat the entire container asap)
3 corn muffins (blame that one on H. he ate three and I was not going to be outdone)
baked apple crisp with neopolitan ice cream

The doctor looks at me and says "so, were any vegetables harmed in the making of this diet?"


I may go off the deep end if they put me on a diabetic diet. By the way, for those of you playing the home game, I've gained 50 pounds. No, I'm not kidding. I'd like to think it's all belly, but my tits and ass beg to differ.

Woe is me. woe. woe. woe. I have to go in to Quest at 7am on Monday and drink the lovely orange drink and then sit there as a hostage for 3 hours while they periodically pincushion me to make sure I'm not over sugaring the babies. I also think that I should get dispensation on my blood glucose levels being that there are two babies.

anyone have more excuses I could use for my tonnage?

oh, and many people have queried why crazy diana is crazy, but I can't tell you. See, that's the enigma that is crazy D. Just go with it people. Ride the flotsam.


Eva said...

I'm so sorry about the glucose test. I lived in fear that I would fail. Of course, after I passed, I considered it free license to eat all the sugar I could imagine.

The pounds will come off. I didn't realize how much swelling weight I had gained until a few days post-partum when my husband said, you look so bright eyed. Not typically said to a 3 day post-c-section, hospitalized, kids in the NICU woman... that's when we realized I had previously been so swollen, you could barely see my eyes. I stopped counting the pounds after 50, so couldn't tell you how much I gained, but I think I lost like 35 in the first 2 weeks post-birth.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for your 3 hour test.

Stacie said...

Sorry about the glucose test. You will lose the weight. Heck, I'm down four dress sizes from my pre-pregnancy size.

I was wondering if you would be interested in participating in the Multiple Mom Movie Madness thing I have going on: