Monday, September 10, 2007


would be awesome...

anyone got a suggestion on how to make twins nap in their crib? should I even care about this? Or should I be greatful they even sleep? C is in a bouncy seat in the living room. Z is in the crib periodically squeeking. I am stuffing turkey sandwhich and checking email.

I am also working on a photo essay entitled: "This is Our Day" Unfortunately I don't know how to work the timer on the camera, so there's no shot of me trying to wrestle both of them on for tandem nursing... but you can use your imagination on that one.

also, when does the breastfeeding get to be fun and bonding and less like wrestling tiny strong midgets? and also, ouch.

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Eva said...

I'm not so helpful on the nap stuff. We let ours sleep wherever they wanted, we were so grateful they were sleeping. But look at them now. Not sure you want sleep advice from me! But actually, they reached an age where sleeping in their cribs was easier. And one thing that did help was elevating the heads of their cribs. They were pretty nasally when little and being on a slight incline made things a bit better.

I think for me it was around 3 months when I started liking breastfeeding and feeling much more positive about it. One thing that kept me going through the pain was a friend who said, when their mouths get bigger, it stops hurting. And it was true! Eventually they have bigger mouths and can take more in and it hurts less (I know some say if they latch right it shouldn't hurt, I just didn't find that to be true!). Also, when they're older they can help get themselves on and they're not so floppy so you don't have to use all your effort to hold them in place, you can do fun things like caress their heads and touch their toes and such. I always find it easier to "bond" during single than tandem nursing, though sometimes I love looking at both of them. Never felt much bonding on the twin nursing pillow, though it was a lifesaver. After I while I could nurse anywhere. Actually, working on a post on this.

So promise, it gets less painful, more sweet, all the good stuff is coming up. Hang in there!