Tuesday, September 04, 2007

still standing

sort of.

the girls are doing great... I am starting to feel like a person again. but just barely.

Mostly because we've gotten them to sleep 4 hours at a time at night. They are only waking up once for a 2am-ish feeding and then again around 6 when H gets up anyway, so life is not so bad. But it's hard to get used to going to bed at 10pm while your husband does the dishes and preps up the bottles.

I feel pretty guilty, but I gotta tell you, by 9pm I'm shot. These girls keep me going most of the day and we live in a small ass house that gets out of control very quickly. I know everyone says let your house work go and trust me I haven't touched a vaccum in months, but just straightening up after two babies (who don't even move on their own) is exhausting.

I also have some myths I'd like to de-bunk here, but I feel like they are posts that are still brewing and no one likes a half baked rant, so I'll sit on it for longer.

On fun baby development front, both C and Z are starting to really respond to people and to objects now. They smile and stick their tongues out at you. And they are entranced by the mobile and shriek when it ends. this morning I read a bunch of board books to them (Sandra Boynton and Dr. Suess) and they were fascinated. This is probably due entirely to how ridiculously I read them, but what the hell, they thought it was absurdly funny.

Right now they are napping in bouncy seats while I pay bills and check email. The amount of gas they have has not decreased, but farting seems to cause less screaming so that's a bonus... I take what I can get here.

Here's a shot from a 2am feeding. Don't we look like we're having fun?


Eva said...

Thanks for the updates! The girls look great. I certainly have never taken a photo at a middle of the night feeding, and I've had almost a year of them!

Ah, napping in bouncy seats. I remember those days well.

Sounds like you all are doing great. Hope things continue to go well.

Leggy said...

Hmm- I never thought about using that pillow to tandem nurse- how do you get everyone all set up? I'm having such a tough time with the tandem nursing.