Friday, September 28, 2007

just some pics

here are some pics of the girly girls:

In the top shot Z is on the left and in the bottom, it's C.

Here's a quick list of things they have been up to in the last few days/weeks:

blowing bubbles (more Z than C)
grabbing blankets, shirts, necklaces

while they aren't exactly sleeping through the night, per se, they are going 4 or 5 hours in between feedings. So last night they ate at 12:45 and then again around 6am. This is "through the night" as far as I'm concerned. H gets up at 6 anyway to go to work and I usually get up then as well to get some stuff done around the house while they catch a few more hours of sleep.

All that night time sleeping makes for crappy daytime naps, but who cares?! as long as I can sleep a few hours at night, I'll play the "hold-me-rock-me-stick-my-nimmie-back-in-while-I-slap-my-sister" game all day. well, at least until H comes home. then they're his problem :)


Fancy Fanny said...

i want to squeeeeeeeeeeeeeze them!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacie said...

They are SOOOOOOO cute and 5-6 hours at night sounds great!