Saturday, May 24, 2008

some awesome things about twins

ok, the most fantabulous thing about having twins is....


I play this most exalted of excuse cards whenever I don't feel like doing something. which if you are me, is most usually always.

for example...

don't feel like trekking out to a house party or other social gathering? "uh, sorry, can't make it... the twins don't travel so well"

don't feel like making phone calls at work? "oh, gee, the twins kept me up all night, I'm really not coherent enough to speak"

don't feel like taking a shower? "oh those rascally twins, no time for hygiene today. Nary a tooth was brushed"

don't feel like talking to your husband? "can't really pay attention to your woes from work, honey, those nutty twins ran me ragged today"

This works on anyone, except for other MoMs. If you play this card on a fellow club member, though, they are usually nice enough to realize that you just don't feel like doing whatever it is and most likely won't call you out on it.

Because it might be true. Or you just might be anti-social like me. But for me, it's awesome. I now have a built in excuse for being a fat lazy lay about. I used to blame my mom ("oh, sorry, I can't drive you all to the party, my mom won't let me"), now I can transfer it to my kids.

little positives here people. little baby steps. since no one sleeps through the damn night and nursing is the #1 nightlife choice for the 9-12 month old set.


Eva said...

I totally agree on the twin card. The whole, I have to put 2 babes down for nap/bed thing gets me out of a lot of work weekend/evening things.

I was wondering last night about how I ever survived so many sleep-disrupted nights. But I did, and so will you. After a lot of work, we're much better now. Everyone to sleep by 8:00, Sarah up once to nurse at 5:45, and then up for the day at 7:20. We didn't start training until after the first birthday, and that worked for us. You'll find something that works for you, and eventually you'll sleep more (never pre-baby levels of course).

The Anonymous Platypus said...

We are waiting it out here too. I think they are just too little to understand the concept of sleeping through, but to tell the truth I don't have the vaguest idea how to train them. i have a few books, but I think I am too lazy and sleep deprived to really follow them... I'll take any suggestions :)

Fanny said...

and I thought it was me... I was beginning to take it personally... :)