Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Why oh Why...

...does the village still have a fire whistle that goes off from the firehouse RIGHT BEHIND MY HOUSE everytime someone burns toast?

and why oh why do the good citizens of Fishkill feel the need to burn toast at 5:30am when I have babies who have basically slept all night and are in no danger of waking before 7?

There is a God. He is laughing at me. I would go outside and shake my fist, but it's nap time and I'm afraid he'll set the bell off again.


But, they SLEPT! a little crankiness in the early evening, but by 9pm all was quiet on the bedroom front.

and they've been down for a nap for an hour and 40 min.

i am typing as quiet as possible, but I fear I will not finish my coffee. and decaf is worse cold.

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