Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

You know what's awesome? Going to the store on Mother's Day with a big giant belly and even though it's Sunday morning and the place is mobbed. Everyone smiles at you and jumps to get out of your way.

You know what's less awesome? Spending 4 hours in the triage unit at Vassar on a lovely Saturday afternoon because your uterus is feeling irritable and doesn't care that you have things to return at kohls or that your lawn looks like the australian outback.

Don't worry, everyone is fine. The irritable uterus got a smack down of terbutaline and H mowed the lawn while I passed out from said smack down. but at least I finally got some sleep.

The funny part is that I may or may not have had a follow up appt with the OB today, but I was so fogged from the drugs when she discharged me that I can't remember. Oh, well. I feel ok, so I'm not going. Besides I have my regular appt on Thursday after my monthly u/s.

So, get excited for Friday people. I have an u/s on thursday and a new computer and scanner in my very own house so H doesn't have to be in charge of uploading photos. Won't he be thrilled :)

I have only one clear picture from last month's scan of baby A, but here she is:

You can check back on Friday for hopefully two good 29 week shots. If you are lucky and I am not hideous, I will perhaps take my own picture in the bathroom mirror to post. However, any comments on the clutter situation in my bathroom will lead to your immediate ejection from the comment board. for life.

on the Petey Parker, Spider Cat, front: The petester is still eating fur like there's no tomorrow and H and I have decided to limit his food to only the hypo-allergenic dry food from the vet. This is not winning us any friends in the feline world.

"Please leave me to wallow in my hatred of you"


Eva said...

Ah terb, I remember terb shots. The shaking, the jittery feeling... and this is supposed to relax the 3 of us? I'm sorry you had to go to the hospital on MD weekend but glad you're all doing well (I had a similar episode on my anniversary, had to cancel dinner reservations).

I'd tell you not to overdo it, but for me in the end, I think my exertion level didn't have tons to do with my # of contractions. Hope you continue to feel well.

A.P. said...

the shaking and jittery wasn't too bad, it was the bizarre crying jag followed by coma like sleep where I moaned. I'm sure everyone else there thought I was insane.

I had a stack of mild contractions yesterday too, but nothing serious.

vlado&toni said...

Sorry to hear about the spider cat.. that poor guy, hope you or the vet can find a solution to it.