Friday, May 18, 2007

My Picks for the Preakness

As promised here are the snappy-shots from last night's ultrasound. H made it to the appointment (just barely) so he can vouch for the truthiness.

Here's a nice profile of Twin B. Well, the nicest we could get. They are less than cooperative at these little photo sessions:

I personally think she looks like she's wearing goggles in this shot, but it was a hard angle to get since she has her face pressed up against the side of my uterus. Delish imagery, I know. Imagine what it feels like...

Twin A didn't feel like smiling for the camera, but we got some lovely photos of the back of her head. This is the one that hangs out primarily on my right side and likes to kick me in the diaphragm causing spontaneous hiccups. You will note, however, the abundance of hair:

And for our final photo in the montage, we have both babies, head to head as close to my cervix as humanly (or fetal-y in this case) possible. Apparently, they are jocking for position on who is going to be first born. It's hard to tell from this picture, but A is winning. By her hair.

So that's what's going on inside the belly. Here's what it looks like from out here:

I know what you are going to say. "oh, that's not so bad. it's almost cute" I would like you to take a good look at my belly button.

Now I'd like you to scroll down to a shot of me on my honeymoon... 6 1/2 months ago.

Yeah, that's what I thought. Anyone feel like gouging their eyes out a la Oedipus? Petey offers to help

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