Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Bad Mother Chronicles

I currently have two babies crying in their crib. There's nothing wrong with them other than they are tired and don't want to take a nap. But that's not why I'm a bad mother.

I'm a bad mother today because today is a non-work day, also known as a baby day. I should be spending my time playing with them and teaching them sanscrit or some shit. but I just can't handle the crying today.

C hasn't pooped a decent poop in two days. She can't sleep because she has a bellyache. I'm sure it's too much rice cereal for her. For breakfast this morning they had pears, apples and prunes. Then Z blew her ass off. Every diaper I've changed today has had some sort of poop in it.

So, no, I am not enjoying my baby day. I want to rest for a few minutes that don't involve poop. or crying. or teething. Did I mention C was teething.

p.s. it's 3:30 and I just poked my head in the bedroom. They are both asleep. I knew they needed a nap. Maybe I'm not the worst. mother. ever.

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Stacie said...

Twins are so hard. Actually, I suspect just babies are hard but since the only frame of reference I have is twins I'll stick with twins are hard.

Don't you hate the pressure to be a perfect mother all the time. "Teach them Sanskrit" is exactly right. Gah!