Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My obsession with log books

ok, so I'm slow and haven't uploaded my outakes from the xmas photo shoot. While you're waiting, here's my issue with tracking poop. I know, I know, not an offered topic, but what I felt like chatting about today. meh, it's my blog ;)

I bought a log book from doubleblessings when I found out I was having twins so that I could keep track of their feedings, poopings etc.

Now it's 6 months later and we are starting forays into solid food. I'm still using the log books and writing in what food they are eating. It's very in-elegant (shut up it's 11pm and I'm really tired and making up my own words),but I don't feel like making my own and the one presented in the Super Baby Food book is just too much like weight watchers for me. Plus it's not set up for twins and I'm lazy and well, see above re: making my own. Oh, plus I'm cheap and don't want to print and bind my own sheets. But I still need to know who ate what when and what came out the other end.

Is this too anal? I was hoping that by 6 months I'd be less obsessed with tracking food and poop, but alas, I appear to be worse.

So I just ordered another two log books to get us through to June. Maybe by their birthday I'll be.... oh let's not even pretend. I'll be just as bad, but hopefully they'll be eating more regular food and I'll be less worried about nutrition and pooping.

I fear there is no hope for me. Mostly I'm afraid that I won't notice if someone stops pooping. Is this too crazy? Have I turned a corner I can't come back from? Poop-scapades?

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Eva said...

I did log all input and output and sleep for the first 3 months. Then I stopped, which I found quite freeing. I'm glad to see there's someone more anal than me (sorry, I used your own joke).

That said, my husband and I do sometimes have conversations like, did anyone poop yesterday? or, who was it that pooped this morning?

And I do have an Excel spreadsheet of all words ever said etc., so I guess I'm not one to judge.