Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Bloggy Poll

Alright faithful readers (all three of you), I'm going to allow to you vote on my next blog topic. I've had several things floating around my subconscious lately. Mostly because we've all been sick since Christmas and between the cold and the lack of sleep due to babies screaming through snot bubbles (ooh the visual on that one is just delish), I only have a subconscious.

here are the topics. Let me know which is least heinously boring:

1. Felipe the breast pump; our on-again-off-again love affair
2. Adventures in swaddling
3. The great cold of 2007
4. When I became an adult... unbeknownst to me
5. Out takes of the Christmas photo shoot (brought to you by the good people of Wally World)
6. Baby proofing: Do I even bother or should I just accept now that they are smarter than us?
7. Daily schedules. Now, with solid food and poop!!!

If none of these appeal to you, please feel free to write in your topic of interest. Perhaps I will care enough to answer your most burning questions re: my fascinating life here in Chez Baby Poop.


Eva said...

Hmm, #5 sounds amusing!

Kerry Lynn said...

Sadly, I'm sure you don't have time but I would love to hear about all of them! why don't you do one a day...

Shiny One said...

when I become an adult ;)