Friday, March 02, 2007

Sorry for the lack of posting for the past day and a half. Thursday is my day off and if I want to write anything I have to go upstairs and fight withthe behemoth desktop or use the mac with the partially busted screen. Neither seemed viable.

Today H and I bagged work based on flooding and general malaise. He's getting a cold and well, I couldn't roll myself out of bed. Petey is sitting on my lap trying to type, grab the pen sitting next to the laptop and eat soy yogurt while alternately yawning and putting his paw on my face to make me stop typing and start petting. As I have not cooperated in any of his evil cat plans, he's leaving. But not before using his back claws to leave the 'Mark of Petey' in my thigh.

By the way, soy yogurt is pretty foul and I should let the cat eat it. it would serve him right. Although he'd probably like it, he eats niblets made of fish parts and lick his own ass.

Sorry for the boring post. Even Petey left. I really don't have anyting exciting to say, except that both my skin and pee smell like maple syrup. H's suggestion: Start peeing on pancakes.


Lacey said...

no soy yogurt....the babies want french fries and fatty remind me not to have pancakes at your house...hehe...hope you are feeling good...L

A.P. said...

yeah, even petey didn't like the soy yogurt. But I bought a six pack... ugh

KK+1 said...

The soy yogurt is all about the brand. I can down Silk Live! like there's no tomorrow. I recommend strawberry/banana. I tried the Stonybrook? Stonyfield? whatever Farms Soy and almost barfed.