Tuesday, March 06, 2007

All Bets In

Just a heads up that you have only 53 hours left to place your bets on the gender of the dynamic duo.

That's right, Thursday at 7pm we (and I use the term 'we' very loosely here as I'm pretty sure H will not be climbing up on any exam tables or having gloopy gel squirted on his entire belly) will be having a level II U/S.

While the purpose of this ultrasound, for me, will be to detect any hideous malformations or other unimaginable horrors, the purpose for everyone else will hopefully be to determine the boy/girl nature of the twinlets.

I have an entire post on what could possibly go wrong with my ultrasound, but perhaps I'll save that for tomorrow. I know you all can't wait for a glimpse into my scary scary little brain.

In the meantime, vote away in the comment section. I'll try to think of a prize for the winners, but it will probably be lame as you have a 50-50 shot here.

Pencils up...... Begin!


Lacey said...

i like the thought of 1 boy and 1 girl....but i vote for 2 boys....good luck...L

Lacey said...

i like the to think you will have one of each a boy and a girl....but i have a hunch it's boys...good luck..L

Anonymous said...

one wookie, one alpacha (tliscious)

Eva said...

Just found your blog through Stacie at twinkies. Good luck with the level II -- I know it's scary but hopefully you can enjoy the insights as well (though by the time we had our level II we had had so many U/S's it wasn't as big a deal as for my friends with 1 baby). And as for the bet, I'll go for the 50% chance, a boy and a girl!