Tuesday, March 06, 2007


How on earth could one person be this tired? I am waiting for my last patient of the day to finish watching the very informative amnio video in a language she probably doesn't understand and I am seriously concerned about keeping my eyes open through the entire session. I tried to grab a few Zzz's on my exam table about a half hour ago, but no one really liked that plan as my phone would not stop ringing. I'm sure you can all get a nice visual of me hauling myself up onto the exam table and trying to flop around gently so as to not fall off the table or make too much noise. Yeah, that's always priceless.

It is possible that my extreme fatigue is due to food coma being as how I ate 2 pieces of eggplant rollatini and green beans, then put on my coat and shuffled across the street to the deli to get a turkey and cheese on a roll and washed that down with a yogurt smoothie and a few (thousand) chocolate covered pretzels. But I was starving!

Now my poor little belly is feeling like an over inflated beach ball and all I can do is sit here and hope I don't actually explode. I fear that would be messy.

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