Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Fancy New Ankle Bracelet

In case you've all been wondering where I've been, I'll fill you in. I've been here. At home. I've been ordered to D/C working. That's what my doctor's note says. In reality, I'm under house arrest.

Here's the back story:

Tuesday morning I got out of bed and my left ankle was a little stiff and swollen. No biggie, I thought, I must've just slept on it funny. Actually I did sleep in sort of a weird tangled up position Monday night, but I was just happy I slept. So I took a shower and went to work.

Throughout the day on Tuesday, my crazy ankle continued to swell. Then I ran out of ankle so my foot started to swell. and my calf. Pretty much everything up to and including my knee. But only on the left side. Now, come on, who only swells up on one side of their body at a time? It absurd.

I sat all day with my feet up on an upside-down trash can (I know, can you stand the glamour?) but it continued to get worse. I finally called my OB around 12:30 and left a message that I had pretty ugly edema of just my left leg. At 3:30 they called me back and told me to come in. Except they close at 4:30. And I was in the Bronx with my feet up on a trash can. I made an appt for the next morning first thing.

Wednesday morning I woke up and my left leg was less swollen, but still stiff and I could barely get my foot into the most wide and comfy dansko clogs. I limped down the block with H and went to see the OB. I felt pretty stupid since my leg was no where near as hideous as it had been the day previous, but I went anyway. Mostly because my mom and H were threatening me.

While I sat on the exam table waiting for the doctor to come in and laugh at me, my oh, so cooperative lymphatic system decided to re-inflate my left leg. The doc came in, looked at my legs and told me I needed to come up with a "plan" for the rest of the pregnancy. Then H told him about my wierd stabby hot-poker chest pains. So I got an U/S for gall stones (which I don't have thankfully) and a script to "D/C working". I started to ask if that was really neccessary and the doctor actually told me I was being ridiculous. His actual words where "You cannot work over an hour away and be pregnant with twins. It's ridiculous"

So here I am, not being ridiculous, but trying to find things to do that can be accomplished while I keep my feet elevated for a majority of the day. To tell the truth, I'm pretty exhausted as it is, so the rest is somewhat welcome. Petey however, feels differently. He keeps looking at me like, "when the hell are you going to get out of my house?" He is a fan of me opening the front windows for him to glare at people on the street. Maybe we'll come to an understanding...

Anyway, so that's the news that fit to print. I am here. In my house. With my feet elevated. My big outing for today was to the pet store for Petey food and next door to the bagel shop, duh, bagels. I got to drive the '94 Shadow that's filled with spiders and the driver's side door doesn't stay open. Wasn't that a pretty pictured. Now I'm back in the recliner trying to come up with a daily schedule so that I don't lose my mind as I slowly become one with the sofa. I just realized I'm wearing a beige sweater that blends nicely with the upholstery.


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