Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mas Preguntas

Crazy Diana Queries:

Will I be allowed to buy you frilly cute girl outfits or are you against dressing girls in gender specific clothing? I also need to know where you stand on baby headbands.

To Which I respond:

buy as much frilly nonsense as you like. we have a short window before they are able to vocally protest. Also, baby headbands are sometimes necessary to identify girls as they all look rather masculine without hair. So I am pro headband. especially if it's pink. and frilly. maybe we could always put different colored headbands on so we'll know who's who. I foresee much switching of clothing and accessories as well. this is what I would do if I were a twin.

let's hope at least one is the good twin. If i were a twin, we'd both be evil twins. does not bode well for me.

and for once, she will be happy to see I did not exaggerate. so there.

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